Marc Kandalaft
Visual artist - Designer
Branding specialist - Creative director

I love empowering others to continually look at the world with new perspectives and cultivate more creativity in their lives.

I work with people who demonstrate purpose and vision, and who are genuine in their endeavours.

I’m inspired by simplicity, wisdom, and courage.

I like to distinguish progress from modernity.

“Progress must generate happiness, not infinite growth.” — Pierre Rabhi.

Natures of still - 2016

If science concerns itself with what things are and how things could become, design then is the study and execution of how things should be.

Making life easier. Safer. More effective. More enjoyable. More intelligible, if not more meaningful.
That’s design. 

My dream project would combine science, art, design, and philosophy. 2016 was the year I started that project, and it is called “Designing Progress”.

About my background

I am of French-Lebanese and Armenian descent.

I was trained at Penninghen in Paris where I worked for several years as founder and creative director of Marc Kandalaft Design. I am now based in Montréal, Canada where I recently launched We are Rap.

About my photography
Excerpt from a text by Marie-Nathalie Martineau

Marc was raised in Saudi Arabia, in a Dutch compound sited in a desert of the Eastern Province.
As a child, he recalls the peculiar smell of his housing unit, flanked with synthetic carpets, brown furniture and prefab walls. Planted in the desolated beauty of the desert, the compound, a suburban eyesore, offered a paradoxical experience - somewhat unpleasant, but also reassuring.

Such oxymoronic quality is one of Kandalaft's hallmarks. (…) Central to his photography are the notions of silence; of omissions, and of transient passages. (…) Sans artifice, Kandalaft offers an unflinching vision of man-made and natural landscapes of an unsettling beauty. In that respect, he borrows from contemporary deadpan and genre aesthetics while adding a certain depth to the formalism of such traditions.


Research, notes and sketches

  • Board member of the SDGQ Society of Designers of Québec.
  • Member of AIGA, the American Institute of Graphic Arts.
  • Member of ico-D - International Council of Design.
  • Former member of the educational committee at the Factry, a new school of creativity whose mission is to forge creative minds to find innovative solutions to contemporary challenges.

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